ZEPOSIA is a once-daily pill for adults with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS).

Take as directed by your doctor if certain liver problems exist.


ZEPOSIA is a once-daily pill for adults with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS).

Take as directed by your doctor if certain liver problems exist.

Resources for care partners

Those who support a friend or loved one living with multiple sclerosis (MS) know the essential role they play and the diverse set of responsibilities they have. That’s why it’s important to remember that care partners need support, too.

Tips from the National MS Society

The National MS Society recognizes the ever-changing roles and challenges that those who support and care for loved ones living with MS face. They have a brochure just for care partners that you can find here.

Below you’ll find a few ways that loved ones can take an active role in supporting friends or family members with MS, along with self-care ideas, too.

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  • Take care of you, too
    To support and care for another person, you must first care for yourself. An effective caregiving relationship depends on the physical and emotional health of both partners
  • Share your feelings
    Sharing problems can relieve stress and offer a new perspective. Try talking with friends and family members or reach out to support groups (online or in-person) or mental health counselors for more support
  • Make time for the things you enjoy
    An important part of staying healthy is making time for yourself and the things that bring you joy. Whether it’s getting outdoors and breaking a sweat or staying in and relaxing, its essential to keep doing the things you love
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
    Let family and friends know that help is welcome, and keep a list of those who you can reach out to on a regular basis. Having another list of tasks and errands that your loved ones can help with may also come in handy
  • Understand things change and try to be flexible
    MS is an unpredictable condition, which means that things may not always go as planned. You may need to rethink tasks, family schedules, roles, and plans as circumstances change. Relationships may also change as the course of MS changes
  • Educate yourself about MS and the workplace
    It's important to understand workplace laws that pertain to medical conditions like MS. Learn about the Family and Medical Leave Act and how the American Disability Association can help
  • Take an active role at appointments
    It can be helpful for care partners to attend doctor appointments, ask questions, and write things down as new information is discussed. Be an advocate for your loved one's health and make sure you both understand the treatment plan

Organizations for care partners

Caregiver Action Network logo

Caregiver Action Network (CAN) works to improve the lives of caregivers by providing education, peer support, and helpful resources.

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CareGiving.com supports those who help and care for a family member. CareGiving.com features the blogs of family caregivers, podcasts, and webinars. In addition, website members and visitors can join three daily chats and monthly virtual meetings.